Important questions to ask your Wedding DJ Entertainment.

I would like to help and share with you what I feel are a few important questions to ask your Wedding DJ Entertainment.

Some of these questions are industry standards from other professional DJ entertainers
Mark Ferrell  &  Peter Merry

It’s important that you ask these questions before you hire your DJ and before you ask about availability and/or price.

In addition, it’s MOST revealing when you ask a DJ these questions in person, rather than by text, phone or email.
You get to SEE why they are more or less when it comes to price.

Everyone works within a budget you need to know where to spend your dollars. To accomplish what is most important to you for a successful wedding.  The questions below can be asked in any order.

1. Is this your profession?

2. What is your professional entertainment experience and training?

3. What improvements have you made with your services or performances in the last two years?

4. What can you tell me about your services and/or performance that sets you apart?

5. Can I see uncut video footage of you performing at a reception?

6. How will you include everyone and make them feel like they are part of my wedding rather than just spectators?

7. How will you create a full dance floor at my reception?

8. Are you be the person that will be performing at my wedding? If not, when can I meet the DJ that will be performing?

Once you’ve learned all you can about the DJ Entertainer, you then can ask…

The most over asked question of all time.
What do you charge?

You will now have what you need to know to realistically compare the alternative questions.
Why are you more expensive than other DJs?
Why are you less expensive than others?

Then ask yourself the ultimate question.
What is most important to me?

Service with amazing entertainment… or price.
Only YOU and you alone can answer that.

Have fun with a live game show for your event.

ABC DJ Entertainment in association with Curious Mind Trivia is proud to announce TRIVINGO ®   and The Newly Engaged Wedding Game. Two of many fun and unique ice breaker games we offer to choose from for your engagement or rehearsal party. Even if you did not hire ABC DJ Entertainment for your wedding.  Contact us and we will explain how, you, your family and friends can enjoy a unique fun filled experience as everyone gets to know each other better while having fun and becoming one family all at the same time.  The game is perfect for today’s couples, who are looking for ways to make their celebration the talk of the town.

The Newly Engaged Wedding Game has great eye appeal with professional sound and visual effects. This gives you and your guests the feeling that they are participating in a real style TV game show. You may also decide to have your games play in the style of Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune or even Family Feud. Each game is exclusively customized with questions and answers tailored for you, your family and friends.

TRIVINGO ®  can also be a combination of you and you family and friends in the wedding party with trivia questions created into the traditional bingo style format of 75 ‘questions’ placed on your own ‘personalized bingo cards’ as a keep sake.  You can even incorporated your wedding guests into the game with their own personal trivia. Consider the cards as a unique party favor.

Give us a call for more details and pricing.  I can’t wait to see what we can create together

Creating a fun filled interactive experience that will last a lifetime.

Tips to make your memorable event full of fun.

ABC ‘DJ’ Entertainment will make your event full of fun. Here are a few tips to make sure it’s a big success.

1) Hire the most experienced professional that you trust for the type of celebration you are planning.

2) Consider if you will need a Certified Master of Ceremonies to direct your evenings events.

3) Meet with your DJ entertainer in person to discuss what is most important to you and your guests.

4) Ask Questions

5) Bring your guests closer into your event by asking them in advance for their dance song requests..

6) Relax and have loads of fun!