Let's Celebrate!

 Finding the right DJ Entertainment for your celebration is key to it’s success.  As an experienced wedding entertainer and master of ceremonies in the wedding industry for almost 30 years.  My goal is to make your party enjoyable and memorable.  Your celebration should be a reflection of you so the music you play should be what you love.  Together, we’ll design an unforgettable wedding experience where your wedding day dream will come alive.  Your guests will feel connected and engaged and it will exceed everyone's expectations.

"It would be an honor and privilege if you entrust me with your memories, something as precious as your love."  
Thomas J. Nat

ABC DJ Entertainment will serve your reception with:

  Comprehensive Wedding Reception Events Planning
  Flawless Direction of Wedding Reception Events


 Professional Master of Ceremonies
  Highly Personalized and Unique Moments
  Personalized Music Programming and Dance Mixing


  Amazing audio Support by BOSE
  Cordless Microphone

ABC DJ Entertainment Committed to Excellence... Your Reception, Your Way